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Male pattern baldness is the common type of hair loss that develops in most men at some stage. The condition is sometimes called androgenetic alopecia. It usually takes 15-25 years to go bald. However, some men go bald in fewer than five years.

In men or women with pattern baldness, the hair follicles that are most sensitive to DHT are generally located at the temples, the hairline, and on the crown of the head. This “pattern” of sensitive hair follicles in men is the reason the condition is commonly called “Male Pattern Baldness.”

In individuals with pattern hair loss, certain hair follicles are genetically programmed to be more sensitive to a hormone circulating in the blood called dihydrotestosterone, commonly abbreviated as DHT. DHT is one of several hormones classified as androgens, often referred to as “male” hormones. DHT is formed from testosterone, the most well-known androgen

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